Cheryl Blossom- Study Time Titillation

Cheryl Blossom_s the ultimate girl-next-door, if the girl-next-door is beautiful and has 38J sweater-stretching breasts. She_s on her laptop but we insist on being a distraction. Cheryl stops what she_s doing to chat, and to very slowly take off her tight, white shorts and button-down grey top. Unhooking her bra and taking off her panties, Cheryl swings her boobs to demonstrate the physics of breast kinesiology. It_s a subject we_ve traveled the world to study. The action shifts into slow motion for better detailed analysis. Some study the heavenly bodies in space. We study the heavenly bodies on Earth. Cheryl said a webcam model helped her to see that big boobs are beautiful. Before, I had never heard that from guys or other people. My granny thought that big chests are not beautiful and was always telling me to hide them. Staying naked, Cheryl puts her glasses back on and turns her attention back to her laptop. We_re happy to have given her the opportunity to take a break from her studies.
Cheryl Blossom
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