Mistress Olivia Brutally Strikes Her Slave with Two Whips

When Mistress Olivia summons her slave, he crawls to her side with a tiny whip in his mouth that she_s completely unimpressed by. She makes him worship her leather boots with his mouth while she examines the pathetic excuse for a whip he_s brought her, determining that it_s too flimsy to actually use. It_s more of a cheap plastic rod than an actual whip, and she knows it_s not capable of delivering the abuse she likes. She leads him into the next room where she shackles him to the wall, then reaches for two of her favorite whips. She mocks him for daring to present her with such a laughably small and ridiculously cheap whipping rod, then begins to strike his naked body with her two leather whips. She strikes him with each one individually, then both in unison as the sound of the brutal lashes fills the room. She holds nothing back, hitting him with full force until his entire back is bright red and cut open She laughs at the pain he_s in, his obvious agony fueling her cruel rage as she continues to deliver more lashes to his swollen flesh. This is whipping at its most extreme
Mistress Olivia
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